Teepee Assembly

1. Remove teepee material, wooden poles, connector piping, rope and wooden balls from carry bag.

2. Connect wooden poles together using the connector piping. Make sure you insert the split wooden ends into the piping. 

3. Spread out cotton canvas and slide the connected wooden poles through the canvas openings. (You need to ensure that the poles are inserted with the holes in the wood at the top of the teepee.)

4. Thread the rope through the wooden pole holes at the top of the teepee; threading a wooden ball between each pole thread. Once all threaded, tie a knot to secure the rope. 

5. Stand up the teepee and spread out the poles at the base of the teepee to erect. The base diameter should spread to approximately 140cm, however you can bring the poles closer together to choose your desired height. 

6. Let your child or little one enjoy their new teepee and expand their wild imaginations!